[1]Thomas Stiasny,Vasileios Kappatos,Thomas Setz,等.IGCT——更高功率处理能力的正确选择[J].控制与信息技术,2015,(06):1-7.[doi:10.13889/j.issn.2095-3631.2015.06.001]
 Thomas Stiasny,Vasileios Kappatos,Thomas Setz,et al.Where Higher Power Handling Capability is Required - IGCT is the Right Choice[J].High Power Converter Technology,2015,(06):1-7.[doi:10.13889/j.issn.2095-3631.2015.06.001]





Where Higher Power Handling Capability is Required - IGCT is the Right Choice
Thomas StiasnyVasileios KappatosThomas SetzSven KlakaMakan ChenMadhan Mohan
ABB 瑞士半导体有限公司,伦茨堡 CH-5600
Thomas StiasnyVasileios KappatosThomas SetzSven KlakaMakan ChenMadhan Mohan
ABB Switzerland Semiconductors, Rendsburg CH-5600, Switzerland
IGCT high power reliability efficiency low losses power semiconductor
IGCT 被视为大功率应用的理想开关器件,其主要优势不仅体现在高可靠性上, 同时, 其低损耗使得系统损耗较低。在三电平拓扑中,IGCT 与目前最高水平的IGBT 在器件损耗方面的对比结果为IGCT 的较低。由于IGCT 器件是基于晶闸管特性,系统中独立的箝位电路设计是必须的,以实现其与续流二极管配合工作时的高可靠性。文中不仅提到了对故障现象的特别考虑,重点介绍了外围电路设计和故障电流保护策略,而且介绍了IGCT 目前最新的研发成果。在朝更大功率容量方向发展方面,IGCT 器件具有很大的潜力。
Integrated gate-commutated thyristor (IGCT) is described as ideal switch in high power applications, not only because of its high reliability, but also for its low device losses resulting in low system losses. IGCT is compared with state of the art IGBT, concerning losses on device level as well as on system level in a 3-level topology. Due to the thyristor characteristic as the basic nature of device, separate clamp circuit design is needed to allow for highly reliable operation of the switches together with their freewheeling diodes in a system. Also special considerations apply for fault cases. The important details for such circuit design and a fault current protection strategy are explained. IGCT is a device with significant potential to develop for higher power handling. Latest development results are presented.


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作者简介:Thomas Stiasny(1964-),男,博士,首席工程师,主要从事双极型器件技术方面的研究。
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